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Below are some of the more common questions asked about our services, tuition and education in general.  If you can't find the answer to your question here then please don't hesitate to contact us - we'll help you out and, if relevant, add your question and our answer to our site here.

What age-groups do you provide tuition for and what types of courses can I get support with?

Sheffield Private Tutors provide support for children from primary level through to adults including primary, Keystage 3, GSCE, A-level, Degree and professional development. This is primarily in English, Maths and Science, but we can provide support in other subjects too.

Maths Tutors & Maths Tuition - Private Maths Tutor

Maths Tutors & Maths Tuition - Private Maths Tutor at Sheffield Private Tutors. We provide GCSE Maths Tuition, A Level Grade Maths Tuition, University Degree Mathematics Tuition. Whether you are finding it difficult to get your head around GCSE maths, probability, statistics, calculus or any other aspect of Mathematics Sheffield Private Tutors can put you on the path to a Maths tutor to teach you and tutor you to the level of maths you require.

Modular or Linear exams - what does it mean?

Many schools now operate on the modular option for examination entries - what does it actually mean. To deal with the Early exam entries first as it is the simplest - Maths, English, Science etc. For various reasons to do with the pressures put on schools about their exam results it is becoming common practice to enter students for GCSE exams as early as year 9 (13-14 years old). This is done for a range of political reasons. It can also give underachieving students a bit of a shock and the idea is to get them working harder.

What does my school report mean?

Sheffield Private Tutors' guide to school reports. Maths, Science and English for the National curriculum. This is a question often asked. There has been a long standing trend in schools towards "use of data". This has had a positive effect on spotting trends of attainment in class and analysing what teaching methods are most effective. However, it has become so pervasive that many schools are now sending out school reports almost entirely devoid of commentary and just composed of, to most people, a meaningless list of numbers and letters.

What happens after I contact you?

Sheffield Private Tutors - here to help with all your tutoring needs. Someone from Sheffield Private Tutors will contact you either via phone or email to arrange an initial meeting. At this free session there will be a free assessment to give you the knowledge you need to make the best decision for what to do next. A recommended course of action will be given and you can choose whether to use us or any other tutors to deliver that course.

I am struggling with Maths, what can I do?

Finding the right Maths tuition can be a real challenge. Sheffield Private Tutors provide excellent Maths tuition in Sheffield and online. Maths is subject that builds on previous knowledge and it is essential that all the foundations are in place before you move on. Unfortunately for some people gaps develop and then later work becomes very challenging.

How do I find a tutor in Sheffield?

The best tutors available in Sheffield. Sheffield Private Tutors is the answer. Whatever you need in the way of tutoring they can provide help, support and advice as well as some of the most talented and enthusiastic tutors available.

When and where do lessons take place?

Locations for tuition. Lessons take place Sheffield Private Tutor's professionally appointed centre on Valley road in the Meersbrook area of Sheffield. Tutoring sessions are one hour long and start at 4:00pm, 5:15pm and 6:30pm every weekday evening.


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