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Sheffield Private Tutors update

Thursday 8th of December 2011
News Letter and term dates. Word has spread quickly around Sheffield of an excellent new tutoring business - us! We now have a total of 60 students on our roster and that number is still growing. These include students from a local secondary school who have contracted us to provide in School support; students at a school in Nottingham who make use of our online facilities to get additional teaching for the A-level Maths course that they are taking 4 years early; a number of foreign students from a local language college who are preparing to do Engineering degrees at an English speaking University; a researcher and lecturer in social sciences needing advice about quantitive research methodology; and 22 further private students studying GCSE and A-level Mathematics in Sheffield.

Maths Summer school

Monday 16th of May 2011
Summer School Maths in Sheffield. For Students going from GCSE into As Mathematics it is essential to make a good start with potentially the hardest academic jump students will ever make. With this in mind we have tailored resources designed to help students make the conceptual leap required to get off to a flying start.

Sheffield Private Tutors is open for Business!

Thursday 12th of May 2011
New high quality tuition available in Sheffield and online. We are pleased to announce that there is a new and exciting brand of tuition available in the Sheffield area and throughout the world via online tutorials. are now taking bookings for the remainder of this academic year, Summer school and next September.

A Level and GCSE results 2011/2012 academic year

Thursday 23rd August 2012
Sheffield Private Tutors students exam results Summer 2012. Sheffield Private Tutors are delighted to announce their results for this academic year 2011/2012. At Alevel our average student has exceeded their previous result or predicted grade by almost 2 whole grades (1.72). At GCSE our results were almost as good with our students achieving over 1 grade higher than their prediction (1.21) on average.

Simultaneous Equations

Thursday 18th of August 2011
A fun example of solving simultaneous equations.

Rubik's cube under water!

Thursday 18th of August 2011
Solving a Rubik's cube under water.


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