Sheffield Private Tutors offer:
  • a range of pre-existing courses and activity days involving Maths, English, Science and other subjects in familiar, as well as surprising, contexts.
  • enthusiastic and professional teaching staff deliver events to inspire a school's students and staff.
  • bespoke training courses for teachers to support the delivery of specific topics or innovative teaching methods across the curriculum, including leave-behind materials to enable ongoing delivery after our intervention.

Inspired to teach, inspiring to learn:

Are you organising an Activity Day or Activity Week at your School?  Do you need help with inspiring a department looking to improve?  Do you just want to find a way to get through to that difficult, underachieving class or year group?  If any of these apply to you then we can help!

Sheffield Private Tutors have put together several bespoke courses.  For example in Mathematics we offer The Maths of Rubik's Cubes; Maths and Magic; Mechanics in Action and The Maths behind Celtic Knots.  All these courses are designed to deliver context-based learning and promote functional skills alongside lateral thinking and problem solving.

The most important thing is to inspire students to understand the uses of each subject and how varied they can be. We also offer staff training on delivering subjects (English, Maths, Science) in a range of contexts, at Primary, GCSE and A-level.

Sheffield Private Tutors can develop courses for specific age groups in a range of subject areas and are more than happy to sit down and run through designing a bespoke course for you.  We produce all the relevant materials and leave you with copies and a plan of the course so that you and your team can deliver it yourself in the future. 

Contact us now to discuss your requirements and for more information.

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