English Language Prevision Course
Do you feel your child has missed out on valuable education due to the pandemic? Or maybe they'removing up to start GCSE (year 10) and would like a head start. Then why not sign them up for this exclusive, 12 lesson, course. The benefits include:
  • total coverage of the English Language curriculum
  • specialist one-to-one tuition with an experienced teacher and examiner
  • flexible lesson times
  • can be delivered face to face or via Zoom
  • all resources provided
A brief outine of the course is given below.
There are 10 places available on the course.
The  course can be delivered on dates/times that suit you and your child and the total cost for the 12 lesson course is £250
If you need any further questions answering, please contact our specialist English tutor, Nick Hudson, on 07828 121565.
Or if you want to book a place on the course, you can do so by clicking the box 'Book your class now' at the top of the page. No payment will be taken when you book your place on the course.

English Language Prevision Course Content

  1. What is reading comprehension? How to make meaning from texts.
  2. Writers’ use of language. Language devices and their effects.
  3. Writers’ use of structure and its effects.
  4. How to critically evaluate a text.
  5. Techniques used in descriptive writing.
  6. Techniques used in creating character.
  7. How to write creatively and imaginatively using an image prompt.
  8. Language Paper 1 practice paper
  9. How to summarise and cross reference texts
  10. Writers’ perspectives and their effects.
  11. Writing for a particular genre, audience and purpose.
  12. Language Paper 2 practice paper.

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