Sheffield Private Tutors offer:
  • Personal Tutors at all levels with a track-record of success.
  • Support to EVERY student - we never write off a student and strongly believe everyone can succeed with the right level of tutoring support.
  • Tutoring designed to build confidence and enjoyment in any subject.
  • Flexibility: unlike other organisations, we never require students to sign up to a minimum-term contract. 
    • Our subject specialisms are English tuition (English Literature, English Language), Maths tuition (including Statistics, Further Maths) and Science tuition (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Dual Science).  We also provide tutoring to primary students in literacy and numeracy and can provide Social Sciences tutoring. We can provide teaching in other areas or make recommendations to other tutors, so do get in touch even if you're not sure if we can meet your tutoring requirements.

      We teach children from primary age through to the end of sixth-form; Primary, KS3, GCSE, AS-level, A-level.  We support adults studying to pass Adult Certificates in Numeracy and Literacy and give support in Degree study, professional examinations and qualifications.  We also help people who are studying for entrance examinations.

    Every student should enjoy education and want to learn more

    The tutoring staff at Sheffield Private Tutors are genuinely enthusiastic about their subject and are able to put learning in context and make it fun.  We tailor work to the level of the tutoring student in order to build in success and a sense of achievement.   This all takes place in our modern learning suite in Meersbrook, Sheffield or online through Skype. 

    Our students tell us that they enjoy coming to lessons with our tutors.  This new-found enthusiasm also helps them in their wider educational journey. 

    The first step for tuition with us is a free, no-obligation assessment and consultation.  One of our subject specialist tutors then develops an individual learning plan.  Contact us now to set up a session.

    Generally, a student attends at least one session each week to work on their plan with constant input from their tutor.  Each tutor is typically responsible for between two and four students at any one session.  This small group environment greatly aids with confidence building, self-motivated learning and supports a really positive working atmosphere in lessons.  We never put more than four students in the same session.

    The end result

    The end result is quite simple: happy, engaged students who excel not only in the areas in which they receive support, but also across the academic spectrum.

    The average Sheffield Private Tutors Key Stage 3 student makes four to five sub-levels' progress when working with us for a year in the core subjects.  This is 2.5 times the national average.

    It is generally considered that one hour of tuition per week for the GSCE years equates to an improvement of one whole grade and this is reflected in our students' performance.

    In the most recent A Level results ( 2019) the majority of Sheffield Private Tutors students out-performed their school-set predicted marks

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